PERSEUS is a Horizon 2020 project (grant agreement 887010) funded under the CleanSky programme (JTI-CS2-2019-CFP10-AIR-02-77: Increasing the efficiency of pulsed jet actuators for flow separation control). The project is coordinated by the University of Orléans (France) and involves 2 other partners: INSA Toulouse (France) and ENSAM Paris (France). Within the PERSEUS project, the consortium works in close cooperation with AIRBUS.

The project runs from September 2020 to February 2023 and has received a budget of 700 k€ from the European Commission over these 30 months duration.

PERSEUS aims at developing advanced solutions based on innovative methodologies and technologies to increase the performance of fluidic actuators used to control the flow separation occurring on wings. To this end, the project targets two objectives:

  • The design of a new generation of fluidic actuators capable to be operated over a wide range of frequencies at flow rate penalty. A disruptive development will be the manufacturing of a dual-frequency Pulsed-Jet Actuators.

  • Develop a new methodology to optimize the internal actuator design (size, aspect ratio) as well as its operating parameters (location, amplitude and frequency). This original approach will be based on the sensitivity analysis coupling both high-fidelity numerical simulations and experiments.

The success of the PERSEUS project will lead to more efficient flow control strategies to improve the aerodynamic performances of aircrafts, increasing thereby their sustainability and their safety.

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