Wind-tunnel experiments and separation control of a NACA4412 with 25◦sweep at high Reynolds numbers

AIAA SciTech 2022, 3–7 January 2022, San Diego, CA

Abstract: Boundary-layer separation at large Reynolds numbers over swept wings remains a chal-lenging phenomena to either replicate in well-controlled laboratory experiments or predict infull-scale applications. The present work reports the aerodynamic performances of a windtunnel model based on a NACA 4412 airfoil with a sweep angle of 25◦at Reynolds number upto106. Numerical simulations are performed along side experiments together with a sensitivityanalysis which provide important guideline for the location and injection angle of net-mass-flow actuators such as pulsed jet actuators which allow for controlling the velocity and thefrequency of the flow-control strategy independently. In addition, a novel flow-control strategybased on bi-stable fluidic oscillators is presented where the pulsed jet actuators are capableof reaching frequencies of several kHz and Mach numbers close to0.5. The final setup willconsider the control of flow separation at high angles of attack with the objective to improvethe aerodynamic performances of the wing.